Japanese KitKat - Assortment

Japanese KitKat - Assortment

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This listing is for Japanese Kitkat - Assortment where you can create your own KitKat selection to try before going for the big bag.

This box of 24 individually wrap KitKat that you can mix and match any available flavors and we will try our best to accommodate

Please leave us note of flavors and quantity for each selection or we will try our best to curate your box :) 

Currently Available Selection :

1. Cookie & Cream
2. Otona Matcha
3. Banana Caramel
4. Chocolate Orange
5. Nut & Cranberry
6. Peach
7. Summer Mango
8. Peach Parfait
9. Matcha Tiramisu
10. Maple
11. Mint
12. Otona No Amasa Raspberry
13. Nut & Cranberry (Ruby Chocolate)
14. Ume Mini Plum
15. Cheesecake
16. Graham Cracker
17. Cafe Latte
18. Milk Tea
19. Strawberry
20. Coffee
21. White Chocolate Crepe
22. Apple Cinnamon
23. Sakura Matcha
24. Shinshu Apple
25. Dark Matcha
27. Dark Chocolate
28. Wasabi
29. Melon
30. Chesnut
31. Pistachio

Please note that the flavors will be always changing depending on availability. You can leave us message to check on availability if you wish. :)

**Picture is for reference only and it is the individually wrap Kitkat from different flavors