Umaiwa Cheese
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Japanese Umaiwa Cheese Puff Ring

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Japanese Umaibo Umaiwa Cheese Puff Ring

Umaibō (うまい棒) or "delicious stick" is a small, puffed, cylindrical corn snack from Japan.

Japanese savory snacks are known for their unique flavors that you can't find anywhere else! Some are even made from local ingredients like Azumino wasabi, edamame, mentaiko or spicy cod roe, and other produce that are only sourced in Japan. Whenever one feels "kuchisabishii" or "to eat when mouth feels empty," these are always the go-to savory snack foods!

From the same company who makes the popular Umaibo brings you this satisfying cheesy corn puff ring snack Umaiwa! The flavor is inspired by cheese fondue!

Umaibo Cheese -- This savory and crunchy puffed corn snack stick is called Umaibo which is a famous Japanese snack. This delicious snack tastes like yummy cheese making it like one big cheese puff. Yum! The packing is decorated with the cute Umaemon character singing karaoke. So cute and tasty!