Orion Turtle Chips - Choco Churos
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Orion Turtle Chips - Choco Churos

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ORION Turtle Chips - Choco Churros

Net Weight -- 160gr (~ 5.65 oz)

Orion Choco Churros Turtle Chips are a flour chip shack that boasts four layers with each bite.

The four layers are designed so that the flavor isn’t simply coated on the chips, but are also evenly distributed within the grooves that are etched into each layer.

This all means that it results in a delightfully crunchy texture with exactly the right amount of sweet in every bite!

Turtle Chips are a flour chip snack that get their name from how the chips rise and separate giving them their turtle shell shape.

The four layers are coated with rich chocolate and cinnamon for a sweet Korean snack that tastes similar to chocolate churros.

These light and crispy chips are not only fun to eat but delicious as well. Enjoy these chips as a snack throughout the day whenever you need a treat.

Product of Korea